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03 Lesson 1 - Cathy and Mike

Listen and write M for Mike or C for Cathy.
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04 Lesson 1 - Linda and Pete

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An Interview

Ivana is an eleven-year old student from Croatia. She interviews children from different continents who speak English. Today she has a Skype call with Nadine Richards.

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Read the Interview and answer the questions.

Ivana: Hello, Nadine! Can you answer some questions for my interview with children around the world?

Nadine: Sure, ask me anything!

Ivana: Let’s start with something easy. How old are you?

Nadine: I’m thirteen.

Ivana: And where are you from?

Nadine: I’m from Bloemfontein in South Africa.

Ivana: Wow, that’s a long name. Do you have a pet?

Nadine: Yes. I have a pet dog. He has a short name – his name is Ade.

Ivana: What about your best friend?

Nadine: I don’t have one best friend. I have two. They are sisters, Liezel and Chantal.

Ivana: Thank you, Nadine. I must say your English is excellent.

Nadine: Thank you Ivana. We have eleven languages in South Africa. I also speak Afrikaans.

Ivana: And I speak Croatian. It was lovely talking to you.

Nadine: You, too, Ivana. Bye for now!

Ivana: Bye!

  • Who is older, Ivana or Nadine?
  • Do they know each other well?
  • Can they see what they look like?
  • Do you know how many friends Ivana has?
  • Who are Liezel and Chantal?
  • Where do they speak more languages, in Ivana’s or Nadine’s country?
  • Which language do both girls know?
  • What do both girls have?